Experience precision with the PentaPro Precision Shaving Head. Crafted with five blades and a blend of ABS, GPPS, and TPE materials, it offers a robust, lightweight, and comfortable shave for all skin types.

PentaPro Precision Shaving Head

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MOQ: 5,000 PCS
PentaPro Precision Shaving Head

PentaGlide Women's 5-Blade Razor Refill

The PentaGlide Women's 5-Blade Razor Refill offers superior shaving performance with its blend of ABS, GPPS, and TPE materials. Designed for a close and smooth shave, this refill ensures durability and comfort, making it perfect for everyday use.

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Ultra-Precision Five Blades

The PentaGlide refill features five ultra-precision blades that provide an exceptionally close shave. These blades are meticulously engineered to reduce nicks and irritation, ensuring a smooth and gentle shaving experience.

Comfort Handle Design

Designed with a comfort handle, the PentaGlide razor refill offers excellent grip and control. The combination of ABS, GPPS, and TPE materials creates a lightweight yet durable handle, enhancing your shaving routine.

Soothing Moisture Strip

The PentaGlide razor refill includes a soothing moisture strip that hydrates and protects the skin during shaving. This strip helps to minimize friction and irritation, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed after each shave.

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