Master the art of eyebrow shaping with the UltraPrecision Eyebrow Razor, featuring a sleek, straight metal handle blended from PS and zinc alloy for enhanced durability and control, complemented by a precision 216 stainless steel blade.

ExactTrim Fine-Head Plastic Brow Shaver

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MOQ: 5,000 PCS
ExactTrim Fine-Head Plastic Brow Shaver

UltraPrecision Eyebrow Razor

Elevate your grooming game with the PrecisionTrim Eyebrow Razor, crafted with a straight plastic handle and a fine head for ultimate accuracy, paired with a sharp 216 stainless steel blade for meticulous eyebrow sculpting.

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Enhanced Metal Handle

Crafted with a blend of PS plastic and zinc alloy, the handle combines lightweight flexibility with the sturdy feel of metal, providing superior handling and control for precision grooming.

Sharp 216 Stainless Steel Blade

The ultra-sharp 216 stainless steel blade ensures exact, effortless trimming for perfectly defined eyebrows, minimizing skin irritation and maximizing efficiency.

Ergonomic Design

The straight handle design offers an ergonomic grip that facilitates precise maneuvering and detailed styling, ideal for achieving professional-grade eyebrow contours.

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