Streamline your grooming routine with the TwinBlade Eyebrow Razor, featuring a dual-head design on a straight handle made from a combination of ABS and PP for durability and control, complemented by two sharp 216 stainless steel blades for versatile styling options.

FeatherTouch Plastic Eyebrow Razor

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MOQ: 5,000 PCS
FeatherTouch Plastic Eyebrow Razor

DualPrecision Eyebrow Razor

Perfect your look with the DualPrecision Eyebrow Razor, designed with a dual-head feature on a robust straight handle made of ABS+PP. This innovative tool comes equipped with two 216 stainless steel blades for versatile and precise eyebrow shaping.

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Dual-Head Design

Switch effortlessly between the two heads to choose the appropriate blade for fine detailing or broad shaping, enhancing your ability to customize your brow look.

Sharp 216 Stainless Steel Blades

The blades, crafted from top-grade 216 stainless steel, ensure a precise trim with every use, maintaining their sharpness over time for consistent performance.

Sturdy ABS+PP Handle

The combination of ABS and PP materials in the handle provides a sturdy, yet lightweight grip, allowing for precise control and comfortable usage during extended grooming sessions.

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