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EliteSharp Straight Razor

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MOQ: 5,000 UNT
EliteSharp Straight Razor

TitanEdge Metal Handle Straight Razor

The TitanEdge Metal Handle Straight Razor combines timeless craftsmanship with modern engineering to deliver an exceptional shaving experience. Featuring a sturdy metal handle, this razor is designed for both durability and precision. Perfect for professional barbers and personal grooming, the TitanEdge ensures a close, smooth shave with every use.

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Ergonomic Metal Handle

The TitanEdge razor is equipped with an ergonomic metal handle that provides a balanced and comfortable grip. The solid construction ensures durability and stability, making it ideal for precise shaving movements.

High-Precision Stainless Steel Blade

This razor features a high-precision stainless steel blade that delivers a sharp, clean shave. The blade's exceptional edge retention ensures long-lasting performance and reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Elegant and Robust Design

Combining elegance with robustness, the TitanEdge razor boasts a sleek metal handle that exudes sophistication. Its stylish design makes it a standout piece in any grooming collection, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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