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TitanEdge Straight Razor

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MOQ: 5,000 UNT
TitanEdge Straight Razor

ProBlade Metal Handle Straight Razor

Discover the ultimate in shaving performance with the ProBlade Metal Handle Straight Razor. Featuring a sturdy metal handle and a precision stainless steel blade, this razor is designed for both durability and exceptional shaving results. Ideal for both professionals and personal use, the ProBlade guarantees a close and comfortable shave.

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Ergonomic Metal Handle Design

The ProBlade razor is designed with an ergonomic metal handle that offers excellent grip and control. The handle's weight and balance ensure a comfortable and precise shaving experience, reducing hand fatigue.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade

Equipped with a high-quality stainless steel blade, the ProBlade delivers a sharp and clean shave. The blade's durability and edge retention provide consistent performance, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Modern and Sophisticated Look

The ProBlade stands out with its modern and sophisticated design. The sleek metal handle adds a touch of elegance and durability, making it an essential tool for any grooming enthusiast.

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