A more environment friendly variant, biodegradable wheat straw added handle, with 2 blades, 0.1mm thickness, 216 steel blade.

XR TD2001
Wheat Straw Added Plastic Handle Twin Blade Disposable Razor

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MOQ: 50,000 PCS
Wheat Straw Added Plastic Handle Twin Blade Disposable Razor

Sustainable Shaving: Wheat Straw Twin Blade Razor

Embrace sustainability with our Wheat Straw Handle Twin Blade Disposable Razor. Crafted for eco-conscious consumers, this razor features a biodegradable handle made from wheat straw, combining environmental responsibility with high-performance shaving.

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Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Handle

Designed with a biodegradable wheat straw handle to reduce plastic use and enhance environmental sustainability.

Precision Dual Blades

Each razor is equipped with two 0.1mm thick 216-steel blades for a close, smooth shave.

Unisex Design

Perfect for both men and women, offering a versatile shaving solution for any user.

Customizable Packaging

Available with customizable packaging options to align with your brand identity and eco-friendly initiatives.

Minimum Order Quantity

Start with a minimum order of just 5000 units, ideal for businesses looking to test market receptivity.

Questions? Answers.

What makes the wheat straw handle eco-friendly?

Wheat straw is a sustainable and biodegradable material that reduces reliance on traditional plastics, making these razors a more environmentally friendly option.

Can the razor blades be customized for sharpness or material?

Yes, customization of blade materials and sharpness is available to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your requirements.

Is the packaging for this product also eco-friendly?

We offer eco-friendly packaging options that complement the sustainable nature of the wheat straw handle, enhancing your product's overall green profile.

What are the customization options available for these razors?

Alongside the wheat straw handles, we offer customizable blade configurations and packaging designs to fully align with your brand and sustainability goals.

How does the wheat straw handle impact the usability of the razor?

Wheat straw handles are designed to be sturdy and comfortable, providing a smooth and effective shaving experience without compromising on quality or performance.

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