The XR034# Long Handle Eyebrow Razor is an ideal blend of functionality and sustainability. Its PS+ plastic composition ensures durability, while the stainless steel blade promises a precise and comfortable shave. Perfect for personal care routines.

ContourTrim Brow Razor

1 pcs. ship in bulk
MOQ: 5,000 PCS
ContourTrim Brow Razor

Elite Precision Eyebrow Razor

Achieve flawless eyebrows with the Elite Precision Eyebrow Razor, crafted with a sleek straight handle from durable ABS and equipped with a sharp 216 stainless steel blade for precise grooming.

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Ergonomic Straight Handle

The straight handle is designed for ease of use and control, allowing for precise and steady strokes during eyebrow shaping.

High-Quality Sharp Blade

Made from high-grade 216 stainless steel, this blade ensures a sharp, clean cut every time, perfect for detailed grooming.

Durable and Comfortable

The handle is constructed from robust ABS material, offering a lightweight yet durable solution that feels comfortable in the hand.

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