Engineered for resilience and precision, our double-edge razor blades are specifically designed for industrial applications. Featuring enhanced thickness for added durability, these blades ensure consistent, reliable performance under rigorous conditions. Ideal for integration into various manufacturing processes, they offer both quality and customization to meet your specific requirements.

XR B074
White Label Customizable DE Razor Blades For Industrial Use

  • 5 blades per small pack, 10 small pack in a box.
  • Custom packages are available
MOQ: 100,000 PCS
White Label Customizable DE Razor Blades For Industrial Use

Engineered for Excellence: Customizable Industrial Razor Blades

Optimized for heavy-duty use, our White Label DE Razor Blades combine unparalleled durability with precision engineering. Ideal for various industrial applications, these blades are designed to meet the most demanding conditions with consistent performance.

Customize Your Blades

Enhanced Thickness for Durability

Constructed from a blend of high-grade carbon steel, 214-steel, and 216-steel, our blades are built to last longer and perform reliably under extreme conditions.

Customization Options

Available with customizable packaging and logo branding, enabling seamless integration into your product line starting from 200,000 pieces.

Precision in Every Cut

Our advanced manufacturing process ensures each blade is crafted for sharpness and precision, guaranteeing effective results every time.

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Questions? Answers.

Can the blade material be customized according to our specific needs?

Yes, we offer customization of blade materials to suit different industrial needs. Whether you require a specific steel grade or a combination of materials, we can accommodate your requirements to ensure optimal performance and durability.

What are the options for custom branding on the packaging?

We provide extensive customization options for packaging, including logo printing and design adjustments. Starting from orders of 200,000 pcs, you can tailor the packaging to reflect your brand identity and meet marketing objectives.

Is there flexibility in the quantity and packaging of the blades?

Absolutely. We offer flexible packaging solutions ranging from small packs to bulk cartons. You can choose from our standard packaging options or request custom configurations to align with your distribution and sales strategies.

How do you ensure the quality and consistency of the blades?

Our blades are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures to maintain high standards. We use advanced production technologies and conduct rigorous testing to ensure each batch of blades meets our quality and consistency benchmarks.

Are eco-friendly materials used in the production of the razor blades?

We are committed to sustainability and can incorporate eco-friendly materials upon request. For clients looking to enhance their environmental credentials, we offer solutions that reduce environmental impact without compromising on blade quality.

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