Introducing Xirui Manufacturing's Double Edge Shave Razor Blades – precision-crafted from premium stainless steel. Each blade is individually wrapped, making them a popular choice among bakeries and barber supply companies for their superior quality and reliability.

XR™ RhinoceRos Swiss DE Safety Razor Blades Hanging Card

  • 5 blades per small pack, 12 small pk, 60 blades include 1 card.
  • 100 cards per carton, 6000 blades in total.
XR™ RhinoceRos Swiss DE Safety Razor Blades Hanging Card

Unmatched Precision in Every Shave

XR™ RhinoceRos Swiss DE Safety Razor Blades offer unparalleled precision and consistency, setting the standard in high-quality grooming essentials. Each blade is meticulously crafted from 214-steel, providing the ultimate in durability and performance.

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Superior Stainless Steel

Manufactured from high-grade 214-steel for exceptional sharpness and longevity.

Individually Wrapped

Each blade is individually packaged to ensure safety, hygiene, and convenience.

Versatile Application

Ideal for professional barber supplies and bakeries, our blades meet diverse cutting needs with ease.

Questions? Answers.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Double Edge Razor Blades?

The minimum order quantity for double edge razor blades is tailored to meet different business needs:

  1. In-stock Items: We provide flexibility for our clients with no minimum order requirement for our in-stock double edge razor blades. This option is ideal for immediate needs or small-scale purchases.

  2. Custom Orders: For clients looking to place custom orders, the minimum order quantity is set at 200,000 pieces. This MOQ is especially suitable for large-scale orders and businesses requiring customized blade designs or branding.

Understanding these MOQ guidelines is crucial for businesses to plan their inventory and align with their supply chain strategies.

Are Samples Available for Double Edge Razor Blades and What is the Cost?

Sampling options for double edge razor blades are provided to cater to different client requirements:

  1. In-stock Samples: We offer samples of our readily available in-stock double edge razor blades. These samples allow clients to evaluate the quality and compatibility of our products before making a bulk purchase.

  2. Custom Logo Samples: For those interested in custom branding, we provide samples with their specific logo. A fee of 600 CNY is applicable for these custom logo samples, which covers the sampling costs but excludes packaging materials. This option is ideal for businesses looking to personalize their products.

Offering these sampling services helps businesses in making informed decisions and facilitates customization according to their branding needs.

What is the Production Lead Time for Double Edge Razor Blade Orders?

The production timeline for double edge razor blade orders is designed to balance efficiency and quality:

  1. Standard Production Cycle: On average, the production lead time is about 25 days. This duration is considered optimal for maintaining high-quality manufacturing standards while ensuring timely delivery.

  2. Volume-Dependent Flexibility: The production time may slightly vary depending on the size of the order, typically ranging between 25 to 30 days. This flexibility allows us to accommodate both smaller and larger orders effectively, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients.

By maintaining this structured production schedule, we are able to provide reliable and efficient service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and timely fulfillment of orders.

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